F5ZWE/B is on 28.243 Mhz

Locator JN03sl

(15 km south-Est of Toulouse)

Altitude is 240 meters a.s.l.

Power is 20 watts erp

Antenna is 5/8 vertical @ 15 meters a.g.l.

(on the air since september 15th 2007 - 16:00 t.u.)



Beacon status : ON AIR


A brief history of the project :

Back in 1987, with my first call FD1MJK and during my studies at IUT mesures physiques Paul Sabatier - Toulouse, I already had that project to realise a beacon on 28 mhz. The project I develloped in order to validate the end of my studies was to build a single frequence TX + keyer. Saddly, at that period of time it was forbidden to put a 10 meters beacon on the air in France. And I had to wait till 1999 to turn on the system with my personal callsign F5TMJ/B.

From sept 2007 to jan 2014, F5ZWE was installed in locator JN02tw @ 1205 meters above sea level on the pyreneans mountains.

Nowadays the beacon in installed near the city of Toulouse. Runs 10W CW keyed A1A into a vertical dipole @ 10m agl.


En 1987, avec mon premier indicatif FD1MJK et pendant les années de facultés (IUT mesures physiques Paul Sabatier - Toulouse), j’avais déjà dans l’idée de réaliser une balise 28 mhz. Mon projet de fin d’étude fût donc de réaliser un émetteur 28 mhz mono-fréquence et un manipulateur CW à mémoire. Hélas la réglementation de l’époque interdisait les balises sur 28 mhz…( ! ?) et j’ai attendu 1999 pour mettre le système en route.



All dx cluster spots are listed on THIS PAGE.

And by the way, thank you guys for your contribution by giving so numerous spots on clusters !



You can go to http://www.explore.force9.co.uk/beacons/ and http://www.beaconworld.org.uk/ to see worldwide beacons infos.



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